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Headmaster Update June 10, 2020

June 10, 2020

Greetings Brent Families,

I want to take a moment to thank those who came to Brent this week to clear accounts, return library materials, and collect official school records. This was possible in large part due to your cooperation in helping to avoid the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Thank you!

成人直播app软件下载If you were not able to clear your accounts, collect your child’s personal belongings, or collect school records, you may still do so in the coming weeks. Offices handling clearances will remain open throughout the summer in preparation for next school year.

Next Semester:
I want to again assure you that there will be no tuition increase for the 2020-2021 school year. This will be our third year without an increase even though we anticipate a ten to fifteen percent decline in enrollment. This is a challenging time for many families and institutions. We appreciate everyone’s patience and perseverance.

We are continuing to process enrollment for next school year. Thank you to everyone who has already completed the re-enrollment process or withdrawn. To withdraw, either visit the Registrar’s Office or email

The Reservation and Re-enrollment Form is posted on our website. Our school cashier is also now available on campus to assist you in processing payments. You may settle the reservation fee for the 2020-2021 at the school cashier’s office or through a bank deposit or bank transfer.

Here is a list of Brent Manila’s dollar and peso bank account details for your reference. If you choose to make a bank transfer payment for reserving a slot for the next year, please email a scanned copy or photo of the Reservation and Re-enrolment Form together with the proof of payment (via direct deposit or online payment) to Our Accounting Office will then issue an official receipt.

The first day of classes will be Monday August 24. This will be the start date whether we meet face-to-face or are required to start online. The newest revision of the 2020-2021 school calendar成人直播app软件下载 is posted on our website. If we need to start online before moving to face-to-face, teachers will be prepared to deliver the first week of instruction without the need for students to pick up any materials.

Faculty will arrive by August 9 to provide sufficient time for class preparation and to allow for potential travel restrictions or quarantine requirements. Similarly, we request families to plan on being in the Philippines by August 9成人直播app软件下载 in case there is a need to self isolate or other restrictions in place that may interfere with instruction.

With two and a half months before the start of school a lot can change, and we pray it is for the better. Rest assured our students will continue receiving a high quality education this coming fall.

Thank you once again for being such an amazing community. I look forward to a time in the future when I can thank you in person.

Have a safe and healthy summer break!

Jason Atkins
成人直播app软件下载 Headmaster

Headmaster Update June 10, 20202020-07-22T07:25:32+08:00

Message from the Headmaster: Student Clearances for School Year 2019-2020

成人直播app软件下载May 29, 2020

Dear Brent Families,

We are now preparing to transition from Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) to General Community Quarantine (GCQ). Several school employees will be on campus to assist with student clearances starting Thursday, June 4. Please see the chart below for the day to visit Brent, according to the surname of your student. Please also check for any government announcements that may affect your schedule.

One (1) representative of your family should come prepared to return books and other materials, pay tuition and reservation fees, pick up students’ personal belongings and complete other year-end procedures. Please take special note, students will still not be permitted on campus as they are classified as youth and not permitted by the governing authorities to leave their household for non-essential reasons under GCQ guidelines.

In allowing individuals to come to school during this time we have developed strict guidelines to help deter the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

  1. No mask, No entry. Wear face masks at all times. When wearing a facemask, make sure to wear, use, and discard it properly.
  2. Temperature checks. Temperature = / > 37.5 will be isolated and rechecked after 5 minutes. Individuals with a high temperature will not be permitted on campus.
  3. Practice social distancing. When in line, and whenever in the presence of others, keep at a distance no less than 1 meter from front, side, and back, at all times;
  4. Disinfectant. Step on the provided doormat with disinfectant before entering the school premises. Sanitize your hands.
  5. Observe proper respiratory etiquette;
    • Coughing and sneezing into a tissue or into shirt sleeve if a tissue is not available.
    • Disposing of used tissues properly
    • Disinfecting hands immediately by properly washing with soap and water or alcohol-based sanitizer immediately after a cough or sneeze.

Designated Days
To aid social distancing, we have scheduled a 4-day period for each family representative to visit Brent for the completion of clearances. This will be the time to return school materials, pick up personal belongings, settle balances, and to reserve for next school year. The schedule is organized alphabetically beginning Thursday, June 4 and is subject to change pending government announcements. Please take note of your day and time to visit the school in the chart below.

成人直播app软件下载From Wednesday, June 10 onward families may send a representative to Brent for clearance issues as they are able. Office hours are 8:30am to 4:30pm, closed for lunch, and adjusted as needed.

Return of School Materials (Books, etc.)
We will be utilizing the school cafeteria for the returning of school materials such as library books, musical instruments, student IDs, and art supplies. Personal effects from lockers will also be available for pickup. Please follow all guidelines for entrances exits and queuing.

Personal Belongings (Lockers and Desks)
We have cleared out student lockers and desks. All school materials were checked back into the school, and students’ personal belongings are clearly labeled with the student’s name and are available for pickup in the cafeteria on the day of your scheduled visit.

Payment of Balances
The school cashier will be open on your day for settling outstanding POS, tuition balances, and paying the reservation for next school year.

Visit the Registrar’s Office to officially withdraw from Brent if your child/ren will not return for the 2020-2021 school year.

Report Cards/Transcripts 
Report cards and transcripts will only be provided once the clearance has been processed.

Ganzas and Awards
The quarantine delayed the printing of our Ganza, but the printer has now started the process. We expect they will be available for pick up in late June. Students’ academic awards, sports awards, and diplomas will likewise be printed, framed, and prepared once we return to campus. School level offices will notify you when they are ready.

Jason Atkins

Message from the Headmaster: Student Clearances for School Year 2019-20202020-07-22T07:27:27+08:00

Upper School Year-End Awards

Please click to watch the video: 

Please join the Upper School in congratulating our year-end special award recipients. These ten special awards recognize students for several outstanding character and scholastic achievements.

成人直播app软件下载The full academic, perfect attendance and citizenship achievements for all the US students will come out soon. Until then, we congratulate these students for all their efforts!

A Brent custom after the awarding of these special awards is to show the Brent community a glimpse down memory lane of our seniors.

成人直播app软件下载Class of 2020, you may want to stick around until the end. It is a finale we hope you enjoy.

Upper School Year-End Awards2020-05-21T13:41:13+08:00

Congratulations, Brent Pride!

We are thankful for being able to successfully finish the school year 2019-2020 together. A great testimony of the Brentonian grit that comes from being a member of the Brent Pride. Stay safe, everyone! Have a great summer!


Congratulations, Brent Pride!2020-05-21T07:04:06+08:00

Year-End Chapel Videos

Thank you, Brent family!
成人直播app软件下载 May the blessing of God Almighty be upon you and remain with you forever.

成人直播app软件下载We would like to honor and thank all the support from our students, chapel leaders, teachers, coaches, parents, speakers, engineering, maintenance, JAMMAS, administrators, staff and everyone.

成人直播app软件下载We give thanks for the many wonderful Chapel presentations, inspirational messages, and the positivity shown by everyone each day.


Year-End Chapel Videos2020-05-20T07:40:56+08:00

Class of 2020

To our seniors and your families, this is not the finale we expected. However, as with every production and event we do, the combined expertise of our faculty and staff will deliver an experience that you and your family will enjoy. The YouTube Live link will be shared via a corporate text and email to you and your parents before your big day.

Class of 20202020-05-15T12:31:45+08:00

Message from the Headmaster: Clearances Delayed Until June

成人直播app软件下载May 14, 2020

Dear Brent Families,

Due to the extended quarantine for the National Capital Region and Laguna, collecting materials for clearance will be delayed until at least June 1成人直播app软件下载. Detailed procedures for dropping off materials will be sent later.

In the meantime, please collect all the items on the outstanding materials list sent out by each school level, and prepare for any remaining charges to students’ accounts. It is possible drivers or parents will have to return materials since those under the age of 20 are not allowed out during a general quarantine. Please be sure to collect student ID’s and locker combinations as well.

Jason Atkins

Message from the Headmaster: Clearances Delayed Until June2020-07-22T07:40:43+08:00

Grade 5 Gives Hope!

Please click to play the video –

成人直播app软件下载Thanks to all the Grade 5 students, parents, and the Brent Community for a successful Market Day this school year. Your support is encouraging kids from Center of Hope to persevere especially in the midst of the public health crisis.

成人直播app软件下载Our young entrepreneurs donated 100% of the profit they earned from Market Day. Our 5th graders donated 128,113.40 pesos to the Center of Hope. Mrs. Elizabeth Maahs, Gr. 5 Teacher, was able to deliver the check from the Market Day to the Center of Hope last May 6, 2020.

Grade 5 Gives Hope!2020-05-11T08:37:12+08:00

Grade 6 Computer Classes Gadget Exhibit

The Grade 6 Computer classes had a Gadget Exhibit amidst distance learning. Students used recycled and repurposed materials to show their research on a tech gadget and how it has impacted consumers.

Our students’ flexibility amidst our circumstances is an inspiration. We know that remote learning is not easy but watching students overcome these challenges and remain engaged in their education has been wonderful!

Grade 6 Computer Classes Gadget Exhibit2020-05-07T20:26:21+08:00