October 16th, 2020

Monday, Oct 19Day2
Tuesday, Oct 20Day1
Wednesday, Oct 21Day2
Thursday, Oct 22Day1
Friday, Oct 23Day2

On Thursday October 22nd, we will be celebrating United Nations Day. This is of particular importance to our school community as we have such a multicultural presence. Students and teachers are invited to wear clothing which is traditional to their culture on this day. We will be sendoff out a link for students to upload their photos, which we will display in a collage for Middle School to be able to see.

We have also begun plans for our first Virtual House Day, which will take place in the afternoon of Wednesday October 28th. This should be a fun way to finish off our first stretch of school and send us into the All-Saints break in high spirits!

Our grade 7 students will have their monthly guidance assembly on Monday the 19th at 9:10AM. They should be receiving a link for their meeting later today.

Thank you to all our parents who logged in for PCTs and a special thank you to those parents and teachers who made arrangements outside of Monday to meet. We appreciate the interest in your child’s education and the extra effort being made in this semester of distance learning. We are also very appreciative of the PTA messages coming out this past week for Teacher Appreciation.

“If you try to be kind and good, you will be blessed with life, and goodness and honour.” – Proverbs 21:21.

This week’s article is a short one titled: “” by Dr. Sandra Chapman. Brain based learning is a very important concept in education. You can think of it like writing software specific to the hardware—how can we teach (software) so that it really sticks given the adolescent brain (hardware). That adolescent hardware, which is in the process of developing executive reasoning, isn’t always the most user friendly operating system; there are lots of bugs. This article gives some ideas to teachers and parents about ways to interact with adolescents to promote their brain development.


Dear Parents and PTA,

Thank you so much for your support during PTC and the lovely Teacher Appreciation Week messages.

Quarter 1 Academic Follow-up
This week the middle school counseling office was focused on the quarter 1 academic follow-up with teachers and students. Within the next two weeks, the middle school counselor will continue helping students with academic progress and helping them to reach their goals during quarter 2.

  • Organization and usage of planner still recommended and to follow-up Google Classroom and BASIS for assignments due.

Parent Coffee Talk
Thank you so much for attending the Middle School Coffee Talk about “Safeguarding, Child Protection, and Online Safety”
Attached you will find one video about Safeguarding provided during the Coffee Talk workshop.

  • If you were not able to attend the coffee talk, please let me know and I give you access to the PowerPoint, just email me at rrichards@itsofttop.com.

Middle School Counseling Assembly:
Next Monday, October 19, 2020; Grade 7 will receive information about what is “Stress, Anxiety, and Depression” I will be providing tools and strategies to manage their stress by using one of many tools such as Mindfulness.

Article of the week: “”

I hope you have a wonderful bonding weekend with your family.

Mrs. Richards
Middle School Guidance Counselor