The Math Department of Brent International School seeks to provide a strong foundation in mathematics through challenging courses that are appropriate to the age, abilities, and needs of our students. We promote an enjoyment of mathematics where students appreciate the beauty, wonder and exactness of this field of study. Students apply mathematical strategies, such as modeling, to investigate real life situations found in science, nature, economics and other disciplines.

成人直播app软件下载The mathematics program advocates the development of higher-order thinking skills and provides for modes of instruction necessary to enable student success. Teaching styles include exploration and discovery, hands on activities, problem solving, proofs and explanations. Guided practice is also important to reinforce new skills. The learning environment encourages students to ask questions, and explore mathematics using various tools and technology. It is our goal to equip students with the mathematical skills they will need for life in a modern, technological society.

Language Arts / English

成人直播app软件下载The Language Arts Department is committed to developing, within our students, the ability to listen, speak, read, and write effectively. This process takes many forms throughout the different grade levels and classes at Brent. Some of us are teaching complex literary criticism, some a love of reading, while others are teaching the alphabet. And yet all of us share a common philosophy, which guides our instruction and curriculum.

成人直播app软件下载Our department expects all of our students to eventually be able to:

  1. Critically engage a wide variety of literature,
  2. To comprehend and analyze written, oral, and visual material,
  3. To competently express ideas with confidence and logic, both orally and in writing,
  4. And, to attain an understanding and appreciation of the art, craft, and joy of literature.

This critical engagement and development of thinking is our long-term goal, no matter the level of a student’s proficiency. It is our belief that this ability to critically engage text is vital for the development of fully actualized global minded thinkers. It is expected that all courses within the LA department will contribute to these expectations.


Science is an evolving body of knowledge, skills and attitudes that encourages problem solving, allowing us to better understand the natural world that surrounds us. Our program provides students with guided, hands‑on learning experiences that are age appropriate in content and excite the students’ curiosity to investigate the world around them. Students are encouraged to recognize and understand the unifying principles of science and then to apply them to new situations. Our aim is to encourage students to become both scientifically literate and passionate in their exploration of the natural world, with the ability to make informed, responsible, ethical decisions about personal, social and global issues both now and in the future.

Social Science

成人直播app软件下载It is the mission of the Brent International School Manila Department of Social Sciences to encourage our students to develop a life-long passion for learning by providing an academically excellent environment that fosters self-motivated student centered inquiry. We practice the development of values and ethical practices that recognize and care for the diversity of individuals in our world, and the diversity of knowledge about them.

The primary goal of our department is to offer excellence in instruction while meeting the diverse academic needs of the students. Our mission is to foster a creative learning environment that facilitates student centered learning experiences which:

  1. Promote respect for the diversity of all people as the core of social thought.
  2. Guide students in developing analytical, communication, and information‑gathering skills.
  3. Encourage students to be internationally minded global citizens, who not only exercise a tolerance of the views of other individuals and societies, practice a respect and care for the physical world in which we live.
  4. Offer opportunities for practical experience through relevant hands‑on projects, practical research opportunities, and real world experience.
  5. Contribute constructively to the cultural, historical, political and social development of the society in which we live and learn.

Modern Languages

The Modern Languages Department believes that language learning should be an enriching and enjoyable experience. It should equip the students with the necessary skills to communicate clearly and effectively in today’s global environment.

Visual and Performing Arts

成人直播app软件下载The Department of Visual and Performing Arts believes that pursuing excellence in the arts (music, theatre, and studio) provides necessary components for the expression of a student’s culture and growth.

We provide a healthy, positive learning environment in which all students can explore different disciplines using some of the most vital forms of human communication. Students are taught self‑expression by understanding, using and enhancing their skills in techniques, aesthetics, and performance or display.

We encourage our students to pursue interdisciplinary work to gain a wider understanding and knowledge of and an appreciation for all the arts.

成人直播app软件下载We are committed to promoting a multi‑cultural awareness through individual and collaborative work to help prepare our students for an increasingly global community.


成人直播app软件下载The Computer Science Department seeks to equip all Brent students with the IT skills necessary to address the challenges of today’s technological society and to adapt to new situations in the future.

Using computers and their software as tools, students will learn to investigate, to be creative, and to resolve logical problems within an ethically sound framework. Along the way, students will become well acquainted with the main categories of hardware and software; what each category can and cannot do; how different categories can be used in combination to produce effective results; and ergonomic issues in computer use.

Health and P.E.

成人直播app软件下载When implementing a Health and Physical Education (HPE) framework into a school wide curriculum, it is imperative that the Framework reflects the specific needs of the school population. This population includes the students, teachers, administration, support staff, parents, and wider community groups.

The HPE Curriculum at Brent International School is based upon an eight‑week schedule that occurs each quarter. All middle and high school HPE classes cover four PE lessons and one health lesson every two-week cycle. The Curriculum is structured to cover topics of HPE that have been identified as applicable and required by students attending Brent International School.

English as a Second Language (E.S.L.)

成人直播app软件下载The ESL department recognizes and appreciates the cultural and social identity of each ESL student. Within a framework of mutual respect, the department is committed to ensuring all students to use English to communicate in social settings, to use English to achieve academically in all content areas, and to use English in socially and culturally appropriate ways. Furthermore, in keeping with innovation and best practice, the department encourages ESL students to maintain and to develop their native language and culture in school and community contexts.

Religious Studies

The Religious Studies program is an integral part of the Academic Program at Brent.

It serves to provide students with the opportunity to reflect on their faith by examining its sources (Scripture), appreciating and understanding its history and development (Tradition), and evaluating its claims (Reason). Its inclusion in the Academic Program is justified by the central role played by Christianity in the creation and history of Western culture and its continued relevance as a social and political force in today’s world. No adequate understanding of any aspect of Western culture is possible without a familiarity with Holy Scripture, the History of the Church and the development of Christian doctrine over the centuries.

成人直播app软件下载The department sees the RS program as relevant to all aspects of the student’s academic life and seeks to link up wherever possible with all disciplines, most especially those of Literature, the Social Sciences and Fine Arts. The department understands the role of Religious Studies to be analogous to that played by Theory of Knowledge in the IB program.

It is important to distinguish the RS program from the Chaplaincy. The Religious Studies program stands in the same relationship to the Chaplaincy as do all other academic programs at Brent.